We are glad to welcome you on our website Excursion.info and present you key features.

Besides categories there are further functionalities on homepage: fulltext search, E-inquiry and Comparator. Let us explain in a few words, how this functionalities work.

Full-text search: are you looking for a pen or a specific item from our offer? All you need to do is to write your search inquiry in search panel and browse through results.

e-Enquiry: e-Enquiry is easy-to-use application that makes sending your demand to your supplier simple. For more information please read our manual How to create E-inquiry.

Comparator: comparator is an intuitive utility which depicts compared products in an organized way. Products are pictured side-by-side with all necessary information mentioned.

If you want to get instant calculation of desired products from your supplier, there is a smart tool on website excursion.info called e-Enquiry. e-Enquiry is a quick and reliable utility that sends your demand directly to supplier of promotional and gift items. This speeds up process of ordering and quotation as well. We will guide your through whole process in this article

Products are organized in categories and can be filtered by using following parameters: color, price range, brand and stock condition. Visitor of excursion.info can simply access product page by clicking on product photo or name of product.

Product pages are filled in with all necessary information. There is also possibility to check stock level, download high-definition picture, download datasheets or send product by email.

We hope this short introduction helped you to know all functionalities of excursion.info.